How do you make a water fire extinguisher?
How do you make a water fire extinguisher?

What is a water fire extinguisher made of?

Water Fire Extinguishers are a full red cylinder with no band. They will also have the words water fire extinguisher printed on the front label. The cylinder is also made from stainless steel to prevent internal rusting.

What kind of water is in a water fire extinguisher?

distilled water
Water mist extinguishers are a type of water fire extinguisher that uses distilled water and discharges it as a fine spray instead of a solid stream.

Why is water not a good fire extinguisher?

Do not use water to extinguish an electrical fire. Water is a good conductor and can increase the possibility of electrocution.

When should you not use a water fire extinguisher?

Never use a water extinguisher on electrical fires or any fire involving a flammable liquid. As any science student will tell you, water conducts the current. If you spray water onto an electrical fire, inadvertently or intentionally, you risk electrocuting yourself.

What happens when you pour gasoline on a fire?

Never, ever pour gasoline onto a fire The gas fumes ignited and flashed back into his 5-gallon container, causing an explosion. The heat from the fire can also cause a buildup in pressure causing a release of liquid gasoline from the gas can. Inspect your flame arrester regularly.