How long does SimpliSafe camera record?
How long does SimpliSafe camera record?

Does SimpliSafe delete videos?

Recordings will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Click on the video preview to show the whole video. Beneath the video you will see a list of all recordings. Tap the three dot menu next to the recording you'd like to delete. Choose Delete Video.

Where are SimpliSafe recordings stored?

SimpliSafe Cloud Storage
If you see something happening on camera (whether it be an intruder or just your dog doing something awesome) you will be able to capture that clip with the push of a button. From there, recordings are stored in SimpliSafe Cloud Storage for 30 days. You can also download and share clips across devices as you like.

How do you recover deleted recordings?

Use Android recovery software to recover deleted voice recordings ……Steps to recover voice recordings in android phone:

  1. Select Android audio file type from the list.
  2. Connect Android phones/tablets to a computer with USB.
  3. Select and recover deleted voice recording from Android.

What does red light on Simplisafe camera mean?

If the camera has a flashing red light, it has incorrect WiFi credentials. If this issue arises during setup, ensure that you have entered your WiFi network and password correctly. If the camera has previously been set up successfully, the WiFi credentials may have changed.