Is SimpliSafe a central station?
Is SimpliSafe a central station?

Is SimpliSafe local or central?

If you opt out of professional monitoring, then your SimpliSafe system will function as a "local alarm." That means if someone trips a sensor, it will still set off a siren. But that's it. Without a monitoring service, no one will contact you.

Does SimpliSafe have central monitoring?

SimpliSafe has numerous monitoring centers spread across the country—so if one goes down for any reason, you're still covered. These monitoring centers are open 24-hours a day, every day of the year. Was this article helpful?

Do I need a base station for SimpliSafe?

Yes you need to buy a base station. As far as a monitoring goes, SimpliSafe offers 2 plans. The one is about $15 a month and the other is $25.